Gottlieb warns of comparison between COVID-19 and flu after Kushner’s remarks

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, responding to a White Corps advisory comment, warned Sunday to compare the novel coronavirus to the flu. Jared KushnerJared Corey KushnerSunday Preview Shows: Mail-in Voting, USPS Funding Dominates Political Debate Before Convention Newsweek Apologizes for Kamala Harris Ed-Ed Jared Kushner Rejects Trump’s Denial About ‘Kamala Harris and More Promotions in ‘ Made in the first day.

Margaret Brennan of CBS said that in the first segment, Kushner said he was comfortable sending his children back to school, arguing that they were “six times as likely” to die from the virus as flu.

“Well, I don’t know where six times comes from. We need to be careful about comparing flu. The infection has not become as prevalent in children as it is due to the flu each year, with about 330,000 diagnosed infections, ”Gottlieb said. “If you believe that we are diagnosing one in five out of 10 children, there are probably around 3 million children who are infected.”

Gottlieb believed that coronovirus was not “more prevalent” in children than the flu. However, he said that in addition to the death of 90 children with the virus, there are indications that it may in some cases cause inflammatory post-viral syndrome in children.

“That’s why we don’t understand a lot about COVID in children. I think we need to compare flu and be careful of flu death and disease relative to COVID.

The former FDA commissioner also acknowledged that while he expected a peak and drop in deaths by this point, “there have been fairly consistent levels of infections, hospitals and deaths in the last few weeks.”

“There have been more than a thousand deaths a day for at least two weeks. On average, there are more than 50,000 infections per day,” he said. “We hit 55,000 on the last day. There has been a slight decrease in hospitalizations, but they have not really started to decline very rapidly.


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