Gottlieb: Demand may complicate Biden’s 100-day vaccine delivery plan

Former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned Sunday that the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine could complicate the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenemissouri woman seen with Pelosi charged in connection with capital riots. Facebook has temporarily banned arms paraphernalia after the capital riots.It plans to operate 100 million shots in its first 100 days.

“I think they will hit that 100 million mark, I think the issue is going to be demand,” Gottlieb told CBS “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan. “I think they are going to supply space and delivery. To do that

Gottlieb, who sits on Pfizer’s board that developed one of two COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use in the US, said demand issues may exist “The new administration matters a lot.”

“It’s like all the above approaches, which we’re talking about, trying to push it through different channels, like big box stores, like pharmacies, in combination with states and more federally chartered sites. Trying to establish, ”he said. Added.

As Gottlieb reported, about 30 million doses of the vaccine have been delivered so far and, according to the former FDA commissioner, another 15 million will be made available to US states this week.

The vaccine rollout has been criticized for being too slow in red tape. Biden Chief-Staff Ron kleinRon Kleinbiden outlines executive actions for the first 10 days to deal with transition ‘mixed crises’, shows previews on Sunday: Washington prepares for inauguration and impeachment; Coronovirus Hills Morning Report in America – Biden Tells Congress to Extend Greatest Relief Response in US History Sunday said the Biden administration had inherited a “huge mess” from the Trump White House regarding vaccine distribution. Biden also called the vaccine rollout a “disappointing failure”.

Gottlieb also raised the threat posed by various new COVID-19 strains, such as those in Britain, South Africa, Brazil, and Japan.

“I think we need to be honest with ourselves that these strains are here right now, and we need to start taking action. You know, simple things are still going to work, wearing masks, from the crowd. Escaping, ”Gottlieb said. “And the quality of the mask really matters right now. If you wear a high quality mask with this new transition, it’s going to be very important.”

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 12 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the US, with approximately 1.6 million people receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

Biden nominated for CDC director, Rochelle WallenskyRochelle WalenskySunday shows previews: Washington prepares for inauguration and impeachment; Coronovirus Growth in US Overnight Health Care: Trump Administration Changes Vaccination Speed ​​| CDC to test negative for international travelers | More legalists test positive after the siege of the Capitol The incoming CDC director restores confidence to tell the truth, Appeared on the show earlier and said she was confident that the administration would be able to successfully pull off her ambitious vaccination plan.


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