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Gothamist will publish again in agreement with WNYC

He said that the strengths of WNYC and Gothamist would play well together.

"We have a great reporting team that covers local news that Gothamist never had," Schachter said. "Gothamist has a connection with the audience that we have on the radio, but we have had trouble finding in the text and images, we believe that the two organizations have a real complementary set of skills and assets to bring together."

The news was first reported by Wired.

WNYC will also maintain the DNAinfo files.

Many details of the integration has not yet been resolved. WNYC plans to bring on board the founders of Gothamist, publisher Jake Dobkin and editor Jen Chung, and other Gothamist editors who will work with WNYC journalists to relaunch the site, Schachter said.

Union representation is also a question mark for now. Reporters, producers and hosts of WNYC belong to the SAG-Aftra union; Gothamist and DNAinfo had just voted to join the Writers Guild of America East when they closed in the fall.

"WNYC has had a collective bargaining agreement with SAG-Aftra for many years, and once we prepare and hire staff we will make any union determination in accordance with that agreement," said a spokesperson for WNYC.

Mr. Dobkin and Ms. Chung did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

The Gothamist site in Los Angeles, LAist, will become part of the KPCC radio station, and its Washington DCist site will become part of the WAMU public radio station. [19659010] Mr. Ricketts, who founded DNAinfo and bought Gothamist from Mr. Dobkin and Ms. Chung last spring but kept them to run the site, said in a statement that he was happy that the sites had been acquired.

The important thing for me was to make sure the assets went to a news organization that would honor our commitment to the neighborhood narrative, "she said in a statement.

A former DNAinfo reporter who covered Queens, Katie Honan , disappointed to learn that she and her colleagues will not get their jobs back.

"If WNYC focuses on primary local reports in parts of the city where many people do not report," he said, "it's a shame and a missed opportunity that they did not want to include DNAinfo in this."

Gothamist was appreciated by its readers for its knowledge, skepticism and fun approach to interpret and package the news, a quite different approach from WNYC. Mr. Schachter said he did not expect the difference in tone to raise problems.

"I shared the editorial guidelines and the WNYC standards with Jen and Jake, and they do not hesitate to live with them," he said. "I do not expect the voice of Gothamist to sound like the voice of WNYC, and vice versa."

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