Got $ 5,000? 3 explosive growth stocks to buy now

Investing in 2020 has been an adventure, especially if you are new to the world of investment. During the first quarter, the coronavirus pandemic created levels of panic and uncertainty that had never been seen before, leading to widespread and based S&P 500 Losing 34% of its value in less than five weeks. At the same time, we saw the strongest rebound from a bear market to a new all-time high in stock market history.

If there is one important topic that stands head and shoulders above the wild volatility we saw in 2020, it is that long-term investment is a win-win strategy. Since its inception, the S&P 500 has finally put every single bear market and improvement in the rearview mirror. In other words, patience pays off on Wall Street.

Another thing that almost always pays off is investing in game-changing, explosive growth stocks. Since they can offer upside down for a very long time, you don’t have to start with luck to make one. With that being said, if you have $ 5,000 that you can dedicate to game-changing growth stock, these three you want to buy now.

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Teldok Health

Yes, the technology sector is home to many game-changing investment opportunities. But the healthcare sector or telemedicine giant is not exempt Teldok Health (NYSE: TDOC).

Many people like to point out COVID-19 behind increasing virtual health visits, and to some extent they are also right. Total visits increased 203% in the pre-year period in Teladok’s June-ended quarter, with physicians wanting to keep high-risk patients from offices and hospitals as much as possible.

But here’s more at work than just pandemic driving virtual trips. Talldock was witnessing explosive growth even before the epidemic hit. Between 2013 and 2020, full-year revenue could grow from $ 20 million to $ 1 billion, enough for an annualized annual growth rate of 75%.

The thing to know about telemedicine is that it is a win for the entire healthcare system. Telemedicine visits are generally less expensive than office visits, which saves insurers money. In addition, they allow physicians to fit more patients into their program, and provide better comfort to patients who can talk to their doctor from the comfort of home.

Teldoc is also in the process of obtaining a specialist for applied health signals. Livongo Health (NASDAQ: LVGO) In a $ 18.5 billion cash and stock deal. All Livongo has consistently doubled its diabetes members on a year-over-year basis, and reported three-digit sales growth, reporting three-quarter quarterly profits. Livongo’s focus on people with chronic illnesses, and his reliance on artificial intelligence to help those who know him, will melt away completely with Taldoc’s precision-medicine operating model, sending tips and elbows to make permanent behavioral changes.

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Cresco Labs

Although the marijuana industry has suffered some serious growing pains over the past 18 months, we are seeing a clear divide between the US and Canada. The latter is a mess, while the former is a hot long-term investment opportunity. This is why vertically integrated multistate operators Cresco Labs (OTC: CRLBF) Investors should be on the purchase list.

One thing to note here is that the US is the largest marijuana market in the world, and will remain that way even if the federal government chooses not to legalize cannabis. Nearly two-thirds of all states have given medical marijuana green light, with 11 also flagging adult-use consumption. In November, we will have the other five states voting on a legal initiative. The federal government has clarified that it is going to maintain a hands-on approach, thus advancing the proverbial green carpet for American marijuana stocks.

More specific to Cresco Labs, it has two expander development opportunities. First, the company has wholesale operations. Traditionally, the wholesale of cannabis is a relatively low-margin business. But Cresco’s acquisition of Origin House, which was completed in January, is going to give the company the necessary volume to make these margins worthwhile. This is because Origin House is one of the few companies in California to hold a cannabis distribution license, which is the world’s most lucrative marijuana market by annual sales. Having a distribution license in the Golden State allows Cresco to place pot products in more than 575 dispensaries.

Second, Cresco Labs has a bourgeoning retail operation. Even though the company does not hold the license count of some other multistate operators, it is claiming a significant stake in Illinois, which opened its doors to adult use on January 1, 2020. With nine locations open in the state, and Lincoln’s land was expected to top $ 1 billion in annual sales by 2024, Cresco is set to bask in the rewards of rapid American hemp growth.

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Crowdstrike Holdings

Among tech stocks, there are several explosive growth industries such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things. But when push comes to shove, some offer cybersecurity credibility. That’s why Crowdstrike Holdings (NASDAQ: CRWD) Makes for such an intriguing purchase.

To be clear, Crowdstrike is not cheap. Its value in next year’s sales is around 27 times, which is the same area for value-focused investors. But it is also a company that will triple its revenue in the next two years and increase its operating margin with the passage of time.

The beauty of Crowdstrike’s operating model is twofold. First of all, we have seen cyberspace become a basic need service. No matter how poorly the US economy is performing, hackers and robots do not take time off. As a result of the pandemic businesses are being forced online and / or into the cloud, we are placing more emphasis on cloud security, and this is great news for CrowdStrike.

The other important component here is that CrowdStrike is seeing a large increase in spending from existing customers. While signing up new clients is important, and not particularly difficult to do during an epidemic, what matters most is that existing customers are growing and purchasing additional cloud module subscriptions. Existing customers who spend more will be responsible for increasing CrowdStrike’s margins.

During the July-ended quarter, CrowdStrike saw 57% of current subscribers with at least four cloud module subscriptions. It is over 55% in the sequential quarter (Q1 2021), and just 9% in the fiscal first quarter of 2018 (ie, in 13 quarters). It is a big-time development indicator of a preferred, AI-based, cloud-native cyberspace platform.

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