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Gore: This election is ‘completely different’ than in 2000

Former vice president Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold Goregor: This election is ‘completely different’ than in 2000. The world has taken a collective breath on the US election result. Mulvaney said he fully expects Trump to run again in 2024 if he loses more The state of 2020 presidential election among said Democratic candidates Joe BidenJoe Biden draws Biden ahead of Trump in Georgia Biden takes edge in Georgia, makes gains in Pennsylvania gore: This election is ‘completely different’ from 2000 And President TrumpDonald John Trumpden led Biden in Georgia ahead of Trump, gaining edge in Georgia, profiting in Pennsylvania gore: This election is over 2000 ‘completely different’ The 2000 election between himself and former President George W. Bush is “completely different”.

“This is a completely different election from 20 years ago. Joe Biden has many avenues to achieve his victory. And of course, I am there for him and am hoping that will be the case very soon, “Gore told NBC News on Thursday.” But the most important theory I defended 20 years ago is Joe Biden and many others. Tonight’s defense is, let’s count every legally cast vote and follow the will of the American people.

“You know, I saw people standing in line to vote in the midst of an epidemic. Some of them are waiting in line, 11 hours in some cases. And despite the determination of the American people, which they faced, the largest turnout in the entire history of our country, they are heroes and they are cashing in on the promise of America, ”he continued.

The 2000 presidential election between Gore and Bush was caused by a lack of votes in Florida, which lasted for weeks. The election was not decided until December 12, following a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Bush.

According to the race called by the Associated Press, Biden is currently leading Trump with 214 electoral votes, with 214 electoral votes. The outlet has not called races in Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska.

Biden won the most votes by any candidate in history, receiving more than 73 million votes nationwide.

Gore on Thursday criticized the president repeatedly for claiming without proof that the election was being stolen. Trump claimed in remarks at the White House on Thursday that “If you count legal votes, I easily win. If you count illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us If you count the late votes, we are looking at them very strongly. “

The former vice-president told NBC News that “I was thinking that the president was once speaking at the White House for advice given to a group of young voters.” He said, ‘Okay. You will greet some people and surprise the rest. ”

“If Donald Trump faces a situation where votes are counted and he turns out not to succeed, I will urge him to do the right thing.” And yes, it will surprise a lot of people, but it will be good for our country.


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