Gordon Murray’s Niki Lauda T.50s is a modern successor to the F1 GTR weighing in at 1,878 pounds

Still revving to 12,100 rpm, the Niki Lauda T.50’s Cosworth V12 comes with revised cylinder heads and camshafts, plus a higher compression ratio of 15: 1. GMA says the weight-saving measures extend to the intake, exhaust and control systems, as well as the engine itself. All valves are made of titanium and there is no variable valve timing because this car is always in full attack mode.

A simpler induction system features 12 throttle bodies on top of the engine, powered directly by that race-style airbox. The exhaust system dispenses with catalytic converters, has thinner Inconel walls, and just by meeting track noise limits, it benefits from smaller silencers.

The result is a specific output of 178 horsepower per liter for a total of 701 horsepower at 11,500 rpm and 357 pound-feet of torque at 9,000 rpm. With the even larger roof-mounted RAM induction air box, the maximum output reaches 725 horsepower. GMA goes on to say that “across the rev range, it promises to be one of the best-sounding and most characterful cars ever made.”

Lastly, the six-speed Xtrac IGS (Instant Gear Shift) gearbox, electronically actuated by GMA, is 11 pounds lighter than a road car’s manual transmission.

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