GoPro Hero 9 Black: Every new feature detailed and tested video

Today GoPro announced the new GoPro Hero 9, which adds a front-facing screen and 5K resolution, although also slightly increasing the price. Sorta, kinda, not really … it depends. this is complex.

While I’m still a few days away from the final written review of GoPro Hero 9, I’ve already left my full video review on YouTube, and it’s absolutely packed with details, videos, comparisons, and data. Apart from all the usual swimming / bike / run / hike / etc test locations, the cameras also spent the night in my deep freeze. They have become busy.

So, until the last lesson review hits – here’s what you need to know about GoPro Hero 9 in a sub-15 minute watch session:

But, if you are still looking for a little more text, keep reading.

what’s new:

I argue that in terms of pure features, the Hero 9 GoPro is the biggest upgrade of the Hero series. However, this does not mean that it will be the biggest upgrade effect for all. For example, I would also argue that if you had a GoPro Hero 6, then shifting to a Hero 7 or Hero 8 was the most important in terms of image quality or stability. This was at the time when GoPro gave up competition in those cases.

Still, the list is huge for today. For some strange reason you didn’t hit the ‘play’ button up (seriously, you should), here’s all the newness:

– Front-facing live preview screen added
– 5K / 30 video resolution added
– Add 23.6MP photos
– Up to 30% increase in battery life (on average, some actually much more)
– Better cold weather battery performance
– Removable lens reintroduced
– Screen size increase slightly behind 16%
– Introduced Hypersmooth 3.0
– Added horizon level for linear mode (last year was in app, now in camera)
– TimeWarp 3.0 with new RealTime option added
– New livestream outlets including twitch added
– Added webcam support for both PC and Mac (previously was beta)
– Added Hindsight, similar to TiVo for your GoPro
– Added scheduled capture to capture the camera and capture the sunrise
– Added duration capture to record camera for specified duration of time
– Added new water drain for the side microphone to drain water faster
– Battery design changed for very large batteries, but not backwards compatible
– Camera weight increased from 125 grams to 159 grams
– Launching new GoPro Max SuperView lens mod with horizon lock (lets you rotate the camera 360 ° and lock horizon)
– Hero 9 box is actually a travel case for the camera
– Increased price from $ 399 to $ 449 if you don’t have a GoPro subscription (formerly GoPro Plus)
Price reduction from $ 399 to $ 349 if you have a GoPro subscription (formerly GoPro Plus)

Oh, and yes, the camera is still black. In addition, the mount remains the same.

Oh, is that so. Lots and lots of stuff. Finally, I honestly never notice when the camera is heavy, when they are captured from the side. This is not just a factor in any meaningful way, except if you were beheading it, and it would still be quite suspicious in case you notice after more than a few minutes.

As for the battery, while it’s annoying that the Hero 9 has new batteries, I’d say the claims are true. In my hours and hours of testing in favor of Hero 8 and Hero 9, each time Hero 8 went out well before the battery Hero 9 did (both on the same mode and otherwise). Which eventually comes down to the battery as just a chucker compared to the old ones. Thus at least the change in the battery was functional that I got something from that situation, rather than just the change.

But I also cover in that video.

Until then – enjoy all of the above footage, as well as the huge compilation video below, which is honestly more detail over the past few weeks, with 2-4 action cameras mounted concurrently all the time. This is right.

Thanks for reading (and viewing)!