GOP senators say coronoviruses are dead until after the election

Republican senators announced the fifth Coronaires Relief bill on Thursday but all are dead, the latest indication that Congress is unlikely to undergo any epidemic before the November election.

Senate Democrats on Thursday rejected a GOP relief bill brought to the floor amid a week-long standoff in discussions between congressional Democrats and the White House, which shows no signs of breaking up.

After the vote, GOP senators expressed pessimism about the possibility of a deal in the coming months.

“Congress is not going to pass another COVID relief bill before the election,” Sen. Marco RubioWith Marco Antonio Rubiotramp banning offshore drilling to Florida voters Secretary of State for Ohio: Top Election Concern Election Worker Recruitment Hillican Valley: Pentagon Re-Decides to Give Microsoft a JEDI Contract. Schiff asked officials for briefing on election security threats (R-Fla.) Said in a video posted on Twitter.

Sen Pat robertsCharles (Pat) Patrick Roberts Trump says he will sign USPS funding if Democrats make concessions. Advertisements have been issued to make embassies a chamber. GOP Senator McConnell warns the Senate control that ‘more may go’ in November. (R-Kan.) Stated that the coronovirus talks were “dead and street”.

Asked whether it was unlikely that Congress would pass another Coronavirus relief bill before the election, Sen. Richard ShelbyRichard Craig Shelbypeism grows as hope fades for coronovirus deal McConnell Davis to fund stoppap bill government in December: shame on GOP senators who keep quiet more than Donald Trump (R-Ala.) Said, “It looks like that.”

Thursday marked the first vote on a coronarous package that had been taken since April. The bill included $ 300 a week federal unemployment benefit, another round of paycheck protection program (PPP) funding, funding for tests and schools, and liability protection against coronovirus-related lawsuits.

When asked what the next step is, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McConnellPessimism as Money Raises Hope for Coronovirus Deal: McConnell Increases GOP Support for Money | Biden unveils plans to punish companies that have offshore jobs. Trump is less likely than Trump to ease the economic argument. McConnell accused Democrats of sabotage in COVID-19 relief talks (R-Ky.) Questioned the Democrats.

“[But] It makes you believe that they don’t really want to make another offer. They want to wait until after the election and play games with it, ”McConnell said during an interview with Fox News.

Both sides say they are still interested in obtaining an agreement on another comprehensive bill to boost the economy and help combat the devastating health effects of the virus, which killed about 191,000 people in the United States Have given.

But neither seems ready to take the first step necessary to break the logjam.

Talks between house speakers Nancy PelosiNancy Paleocepicism grows predictably for the coronovirus deal. Trump acknowledges mitigating the threat of COVID-19, in Trump’s fundraising Trump in Woodward’s book The Hills Campaign Report: Woodward’s bomb blast to El Biden Chloebel Trump, Democrats blow up the airwaves. (D-California.), Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerChuck Schumnerrath, Carolina’s attorney general, said DeJoy investigating the allegations Pelosi expressed confidence that the jurists would avoid the government shutdown. DeJoye reimbursed former employees for the GOP after Democrats investigated the allegations. (DN.Y.), Treasury Secretary Steven MenuchinAs Steven Turner MnuchinPessimism grows hope fades for coronovirus deal, on paycheck protection program, streamlined pardon chief McConnell alleges Democrats relieve sabotage COVID-19. And White House chief of staff Mark meadowsMark Randall Meadoweeds ‘Would Not Recommend’ Woodward’s arrival at the White House on the days of the virus increases pessimism as expectations for a coronovirus deal fade. McConnell has accused Democrats of vandalizing. Derailed in early August amid deep divisions between the bill’s price tag and significant policy differences such as unemployment insurance and more money for state and local governments.

Democrats have offered to come up to $ 2.2 trillion after the House Democrats passed a 3.4 trillion bill in May. Senate Republicans offered a $ 1.1 trillion bill at the end of July, though Mnuchin has said they could come up to $ 1.5 trillion. But Republicans have declined a request from Pelosi and Schumer to increase their proposal to $ 2 trillion – something administration officials and GOP senators have dismissed as a non-starter.

Sen Lindsey grahamLindsey Olin GrahamTrump Court of Florida Drilling Offshore Drilling with Voters in the Hillican Valley: Election Officials Ready for New Russian Intervention Battle | ‘Markeyverse’ of online fans helps a Kennedy take down GOP senators unveil bill to update technical liability protection GOP senators unveil new bill to update technical liability protection (RS.C.) initially indicated to reporters that he had held talks with Sen. Chris constChristopher (Chris) Andrew CoonsCharities to plug revenue holes during epidemic Scramble Democrats split into 1998 Embassy bombings settlement Bank lobbying group Advertising support Collins reelection bid and start more (D-Del.) Trying to figure out how to spoil together about trying to get a bipartisan gang and reach a deal on a bipartisan package. He later clarified that no such group currently existed.

“I don’t know if there’s a market for that,” he said. “Now, there is no gang, but Coons and I said that you know that we should be able to find a way forward.”

Democrats have united against the GOP bill, arguing that it was never intended to be passed, but Republicans instead said they voted for something in the final weeks before the November election.

Schumer, speaking to reporters on Thursday, also predicted that political pressure would eventually force Republicans to return to the negotiating table.

“Every time McConnell said, this is our bill or nothing, when it was a bill without any input from the Democrats, when the bill was defeated they came back and we actually got some bipartisan stuff. I hope Is that they will do so, “Schumer. said.

Sen Dick durbinRichard (Dick) Joseph DurbinPismism As Hope Grows For Coronovirus Deal Fades 2021 Agenda Hill Democratic Hills Incites Democrats: Russia Increases Concerns About Mail-In Voting to Weak Elections . Facebook and Twitter took steps to limit Trump’s remarks on voting. Facebook to stop political advertisements before elections (D-Ill.), Schumer’s No. 2, said that the talks become unstable “when enough Republican senators are concerned about their recurrence.”

“I can’t believe that those who are in tough shape believe this McConnell vote is all they need for the rest of the election cycle today,” Durbin said.

Asked whether it was unlikely that the Senate would pass something before the election after leaving the city in October, Durbin said: “I agree. We can do it better in the next two or three weeks.”

The Senate is scheduled to leave in early October after the election. The schedule of the House is even stricter: they will return on Monday and are expected to last until 2 October.

But as Democrats say they are waiting for Republicans to return to the negotiating table, the GOP senator says whether there will be a deal for Democrats.

“It seems they do not want an agreement. … So my guess is that as of now, nothing is going to happen until Pelosi changes her mind and talks to the White House, ”Sen said. Chuck GrassleyCharles (Chuck) Ernest Grasslemkonel works to lock GOP votes for the coronovirus bill. Democrats demoted in 2021 agenda Democrats move to vote to overtake Trump’s payroll-tax deferral (R. Iowa).

Sen when asked about the prospects of a coronovirus deal. Roy bluntRoy Dean’s blunt specism grows as expected as the coronovirus deal faded CDC says heterosexuals don’t need trial, criticism of experts comes from Hill’s report – submitted by Facebook – of first lady ‘forgetting’ Trump Chosen as fighter. (R-Mo.) Said: “It is up to our Democrat allies.”