GOP senators blame Trump after crowd overthrow Capitol

Republican lawmakers voiced frustration President TrumpDonald Trumpwarnak defeats Loeffler in Georgia Senate runoff memo: Georgia voters shock for Trump Eric Trump warns of primary challenges for Republicans who don’t object to election results. On Wednesday, the miscreants stormed the Capitol and demanded that Congress voters disrupt the college vote count.

Trump offered baseless claims for months that the election was “rigged” and encouraged his supporters to gather in Washington, including urging them to take him to the Capitol lawn. On Wednesday, a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol, damaging and vandalizing the building, which included both the chamber and the leadership office.

GOP lawmakers, many of whom have been closely involved with Trump since coming to power in 2017, pointed to his rhetoric as a driving factor behind Wednesday’s violence.

“We saw today that harm can happen when men with power and responsibility refuse to accept the truth. We saw bloodshed as a democracy chose to spread lies and sow mistrust of its own fellow Americans . Let’s not follow such a notion. ” Pat tomiPatrick (Pat) Joseph Tomegovern used the Patriot Act to collect website visitor logs in 2019. (R-Pa.) Said from the Senate floor.

Asked whether he felt Trump’s rhetoric led to riots, Sen. Mike roundsMike Roundsnet gives GOP to Trump-led Senate to block Trump’s defense bill: Election is over McConnell urges GOP senators not to object to Electoral College’s vote (RS.D.) said that he had not seen all of the president’s comments but “he certainly did not help.”

“If anything, he, in a very emotional state, urged very inappropriate action by people who seem to be his supporters,” Rounds said.

Sen Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin Grahamoria Senate breaks Hill’s morning report while spending records – submitted by Facebook – Georgia election day is finally here; Trump hopes that Pence ‘comes through for us’ more in weeks of turning down Trump’s power to reverse results (RS.C.), who has closely associated himself with Trump, said in a fake floor speech that he tried to support the president, but “enough is enough.”

“Trump and I, we had one hell of a trip. I kind of hate it. … All I can say is I have to count. Enough is enough … We’ve got it to end , “Graham. .

Sen Kevin cramerKevin John CramerNorth on decision to back Dakota Senator Election College: ‘It was cruel’ Hill’s morning report – submitted by Facebook – Georgia election day is finally here; Trump hopes Pence will reverse the ‘through us’ results, with Senate GOP opposition objecting to Electoral College’s results (RN.D.) said Trump “bears some responsibility” for the violence in the Capitol.

“In watching his speech today, I gasp. I mean, treat him first.” Mike penceMichael (Mike) Richard Pencens attorney Jay Sekulow denies Pence authority claims on electors Trump puts Pence in a no-win situation in electoral battle Pence Advocate claims Navarro can delay VP election. … If nothing else, Mike Pence’s treatment of him is unfair, inaccurate and indeed unfortunate, “Cramer said, noting that his No. 2 President’s treatment” was really disturbing. “

Kramer said Trump’s electoral rhetoric, including urging his supporters to gather outside the Capitol, was “provoking” and “fueling”.

Already Wednesday was expected to highlight the largest split between Trump and congressional Republicans, as GOP lawmakers confirmed the presidential election with Democrats Joe BidenJoe Biden The Memo: Georgia voters slam Trump Warnock, Democrat wins victory within reach of Senate majority Eric Trump warns of primary challenges for Republicans who don’t object to election results.Electoral College threw results into significant battlegrounds to make an hour-long, guaranteed-to-fail effort to secure victory despite a plan by dozens of its conservative allies.

Both the Senate and House rejected the first challenge to Arizona’s election results in the wake of the riots. But the challenge still had the support of six Senate Republicans and 121 House Republicans, including the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyKevin Owen McCarthy Tulsi Gabbard blasted new House rules on gender neutral language as ‘height of hypocrisy’, House GOP debate Electoral College vote McMorris Rodgers vacated speaker’s chair on Divokrat’s in-person vote . (R-California.), Supporting the throwing of results.

Republicans have already broken up with Trump over major policy decisions after a joint session, including handing them the first veto override last week.

But previous scholars compared the reaction of GOP lawmakers to the violence from the Trump supporter crowd.

Rape Chip RoyCharles (Chip) Eugene Roypelosi warns MPs for social distance following several guidelines. Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Trump’s New Phone Call Controversy, Georgia Runoff Main Week Chip Roy Challenges Seating House Members from Six Presidential Battleground States (R-Texas) said that opposing Trump’s efforts to reverse the election “may sign my political death warrant. So that’s it.” Rape Liz CheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn Chennoyer says Trump Georgia potential culprit, wants ‘serious’ probe. McMorris Rodgers swims vacant Speaker’s chair on Democratic in-person vote when Obama calls Georgia after our democracy Warns of threats to ‘basic principles’. (Wyo.), The No. 3 House Republican, made no fuss when he told Fox News: “There is no question that the president formed the crowd, the president stirred up the crowd. … he lit the flame. “

Sen Tom cottonTom Bryant’s CottonTrump pressure campaign splits 2024 GOP contenders Trump pressures Pence, incorrectly stating he may draw electoral results Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by Facebook – Georgia election day is finally here; Trump hopes Pence will ‘come forward for us’ and take back results (R-Ark.), Who has aligned himself with Trump, issued a statement, in which he has stated.

“The president has time to accept the election results, mislead the American people, and withdraw mob violence,” Cotton said.

Trump and his allies have spread unverified claims that the election was stolen as their electoral challenges were rejected by dozens of courts and widespread election fraud claims by election experts.

Trump first urged supporters Wednesday afternoon to “remain peaceful” and supported law enforcement without explicit condemnation of those using force to enter the Capitol. The president tweeted again 35 minutes later to assert “no violence” and the need to respect the police.

After mounting pressure, he tweeted at around 4:15 am to ask his supporters to “go home”, although he continued to praise them and reiterated their false claims of election fraud.

Trump said in a video posted on Twitter, “Go home. We love you, you’re so special.” “I know how you feel. But go home and go home in peace.”

Twitter later deleted the tweet and temporarily suspended Trump’s account for violating its policies.

When the rioters stormed the Senate, the senators were said to be granted asylum before arriving at a safe place.

Leaving field hours, Sen. Roy bluntRoy Dean bluntelectoral college fight split GOP as opposition moves towards electoral challenge, Republican incursion over election Hovoly Jam fights electoral college battle with GOP (R-Mo.) Asked if he would like to hear what Trump said about the violence. GOP leadership member Blunt said he “doesn’t want to hear anything.”

“I think it was a sad day and that was part of it,” Blunt said.

Sen John thunJohn Randolph Thunerich warns of primary challenges for Trump Republicans who don’t object to election results, Trump’s power declines at week’s end, intensifying Republican incursion over election (SD), the No. 2 Senate Republican, said Trump’s rhetoric “certainly did not help.”

“Definitely encouraging people to go to the Capitol and some sort of implicit suggestion that I think you know … they just encourage wrong behavior,” Thune said.

Some of the president’s most frequent GOP critics were more direct.

“We gather because of the wounding of a selfish man, and the outrage of supporters, which he deliberately misinformed for the past two months and provoked him to take action this morning. What happened today in the United States There was a revolt provoked by the President. ” Sen said. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romneybidden: ‘Dissident Republican’ Ready to break with Trump, Trump renames Judy Shelton in a last-ditch bid. The Fed National Review criticized ‘Cruise XI’: Barbeque boxers should not be conservative role models. (R-Utah) from the Senate floor.

Sen Ben SasseThe Ben Susstramp pressure campaign splits the 2024 GOP contenders. GOP should prevent Americans from believing elections rigged; Republican intransigence over elections intensifies (R-Neb.) Directly blamed Trump, who accused him of being “sunken behind his keyboard”.

“Lies have consequences,” Sasse said. “This violence was the inevitable and ugly result of the president’s frequent division of drug addiction.”


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