GOP senator misuses Kamala Harris’ name at Trump’s rally

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican Sen. David David Parade on Friday mocked Kamala Harris, her Senate aide and Democratic vice-presidential candidate, for misusing her name at President Donald Trump’s Georgia rally.

Perdue was wrapping up his remarks at an event in Madon when he referred to Harris as “Kah-mah-lah”. Kah-MAH’-lah? Kamala-Mala-Mala? I do not know. Whatever. “The audience laughed.

A Purdue spokesman said the first-term senator had “made no sense.”

Her political opponents have repeatedly mispronounced her name as she became the first black woman on the national ticket and the first woman of South Asian descent. Democrats say the misunderstanding is a smack of racism. Her first name is “Kah-mah-lah” – or, as she states in her biography, “punctuation like ‘comma,'”.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are among the top Republicans who have repeatedly misquoted it. Some Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, have also mistaken it.

Harris spokeswoman Sabrina Singh responded to Perdue’s comment in a tweet: “Well it’s incredibly racist. Vote her.” In another tweet, she wrote, “She’s been her Senate colleague for more than 3 years . 3 years. Three. Do better. “

Casey Black, a spokesman for Purdue’s campaign, tweeted that the senator “misjudged Sen’s name to Harris.”

“He made no sense of it,” Black wrote. “He was making an argument against the radical socialist agenda that he and his supporting candidate John Ossoff are pushing.”

John Ossoff, who is running against Perdue in November, tweeted that his opponent “makes fun of Sen. Harris’ name,” adding, “We’re so much better at it.”

Ossoff, who staged an unsuccessful bid for Congress in the 2017 special election, also tweeted a fundraising message on the video of Perdue’s comments, saying in another tweet, “Senator Pardew never did this with a male partner Done. Or a white colleague. And everybody knows it. “

The Democratic Party of Georgia demanded that Perde apologize.

“The name of Senator Purdue’s deliberately insultingly derogatory dictator Harris is a bigoted and racist tactic from President Trump’s handbook,” Georgia Democratic Party chair Nikema Williams said in a statement. “He apologizes to Georgia for his aggressive performance.”


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