GOP Seeks Supreme Court to Stop Ballet Count in Pennsylvania –

GOP Seeks Supreme Court to Stop Ballet Count in Pennsylvania

Construction of US Supreme Court in Washington, November 5, 2020.

Erin Scott | Reuters

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania on Friday asked the US Supreme Court to halt the ongoing count of mail-in ballots received in that state after Election Day, a move that would see President Donald Trump hours after Democratic candidate Joe Biden arrived The vote overtook the tally.

The party is asking the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State to order those ballots to be logged and set aside, but for now take no other action, including counting them.

The GOP was already trying to reverse an order from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that extended the general election day deadline from 8 pm ET to 5 pm on Friday.

The party wants the ballot papers received after Election Day to be set aside and not counted so that they can be invalidated as a group if its comprehensive effort in the US Supreme Court to overturn the deadline is successful.

It is unclear how many mail-in ballots received after Election Day are among the thousands of total mail-in ballots counted in the state.

But Secretary of State Kathy Bokovar, who had already instructed the ballots to be set aside during the counting process, told CNN on Thursday that she did not believe the ballots received during the period of deadline extension affect the outcome of the presidential race “As long as it’s super close.”

Bokwar said that the largest counties in the state received around 500 ballots only after election day, while some smaller counties received none.

As of Biden mid-afternoon, Biden Trump was leading by over 13,000 votes. Former Vice President Biden had 3,311,820 votes to 298,111 for the president, an increase of 49.5% to 49.3%. About 4% of the expected total vote was counted.

There are 20 electoral college votes at stake in Pennsylvania.

If Beiden, who currently wins by 253 electoral votes from other states, wins the popular vote in Pennsylvania, he will be projected as the winner in the White House race according to current analysis by NBC News.

A candidate must win at least 270 votes in the electoral college to be elected.

Trump was leading the ballot count running in Pennsylvania until Friday morning, when Biden stepped ahead of the Republikan president because of his strong performance in counting mail-in ballots.

Biden was replacing Trump in mail-in ballots for Democratic and Republican-leaning counties.

“Looking at the results of the November 3, 2020 general election, votes in Pennsylvania may well determine the next president of the United States – and it is currently unclear whether all 67 county board elections will be held until the ballot reaches late Are separating, ”the state GOP said in its filing with the US Supreme Court.

“Thus, without immediate order from this Court, [the party] The authority to take “a targeted measure” may be lost if the state Supreme Court decision is overturned.


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