GOP against a Democratic ‘green tsunami’ as they try to take control of the Senate

With three weeks to go until election day, Republicans are desperately trying to capture their majority in the Senate, but are facing a massive funding crunch against their Democratic challenger.

In recent times fundraising figures by democratic challengers have been staggering.


Former Colorado Governor John Heinclopper – who is challenging Republican Sen. Corey Gardner – ruled for $ 22.6 million in July-September. Third quarter of fundraising. Cal Cunningham – a Democrat challenging GOP Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina – brought in $ 28.3 million during the last quarter despite a recent sex scandal. And Theresa Greenfield, raising Democratic challenger Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, raised $ 28.7 million over the past three months.

In South Carolina, Democratic Senate candidate Jem Harrison made $ 57 million in income-popping and sabotage in the past three months as he aimed to oust Sen. Lindsey Graham.

“My opponent raised $ 100 million,” Graham predicted on “Fox and Friends” three weeks ago.

“I am being hit financially. This money is because they hate my courage, ”insisted Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a one-time critic of President Trump, now a close aide of the president.

Democrats have been posting massive fundraising figures throughout the year as they try to win back a Chamber for the first time in six years.

But Jessica Taylor, who closely monitors and reports on the Senate race for the nonpartisan political handicappers The Cook Report, told Fox News that “we’re only looking at huge fundraising numbers.”

“This money is a sign of much excitement on the Democratic side, it’s like the same warning sign we saw in 2018 when Democrats were able to withdraw the House of Representatives,” Taylor said.

Latest news in bat for control of satate

The GOP Senate controls 53–47, but this year is defending 23 of the 35 seats for graves. And Republicans are defending 8 of the top 10 competitive races with a good chance of flipping.

A GOP official explicitly stated that funding is not necessary in every race, but it is difficult for Republicans to imagine a better scenario than their own.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous to speak more freely, told Fox News that “financial gain is very important at the candidate level. Groups outside Republicans have tried their best to offset some of those gains for Democrats, but combined with a national political environment that is difficult for Republicans to navigate, is a challenge that most candidates will not face. ”

While groups outside Republicans – such as the Super PAC – are trying to make up for the fundraising deficit, they are at a disadvantage, as the campaign gets cheaper advertising rates, so candidates with money go much further.

Cash gains for Democrats are not for lack of effort by Republicans. Both the National Republican Sanatorial Committee, the Senate GOP’s re-election arm, and the Senate Leadership Fund outside the group supporting Senate Republicans have broken their own fundraising records. But Republicans say the GOP donor base is not as active as the Democrats’ base.

Taylor stressed that “Democrats are a clear favorite for flip control of the Senate.”

She spoke to Fox News after three Senate races in favor of the Democrats in the Cook Report. He switched Texas and Alaska from potential Republicans to lean Republicans and moved the special election in Georgia from lean Republicans to toss-ups.

“The kind of money flood we’re seeing, really a green wave, a green tsunami, is a big reason why we put some of these races ahead and we’ve seen today’s current project from Democrats in 2-6 seats Won 2-7 seats, Taylor explained.

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