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Catherine Roach could feel a problem in Wednesday night's game between the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels.

While the gardeners of Comerica Park were trying to scare a Canada goose out of The field during a rain delay in the sixth inning, a horrible scene "I knew there was a reason why I could not fly," said Roach, a season ticket holder.

After a few minutes of chasing the bird across the field, even the gardeners fired fireworks trying to scare him – the goose finally ascended towards the wall of the upper deck. However, he sidled headlong into a video banner just below the seats on the upper platform, bouncing off the sign and falling into the lower stands.

Roach, a veterinarian from Hamtramck, Michigan, rushed to the scene.

"I ran there and told the people, 'Hi, I'm a vet,'" he said. "They let me pbad and I could grab it"

#RallyGoose : A baseball story.

– Detroit Tigers (@tigers) May 31, 2018

Holding the bird in his arms, while also grabbing his neck so he would not bite her, Roach She was escorted out of Comerica Park by security guards, and she freed the waterfowl.

"He was alert, he was watching me," Roach said. "There's a big grbad and shrub thing (outside of Comerica), and I let it go so I could hide in. It hit the bushes, it did not fly, I can imagine it's stunned after that fall"

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Ian Bradford, sitting behind Roach and her husband, Mark Lamb, said that Roach is a hero, adding: "I am very impressed with what she did."

Players and coaches of the Tigers and Angels witnessed the touch of the bird with death.

"He was about 6 inches tall, but he finally got up," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "It seemed like I was trying to get up, they're a beautiful animal."

Roach planned to control the bird after the game.

"If he's still there, we'll take him to an emergency veterinary clinic," he said

"Birds put a lot of stress on stress, so to keep poking at it would have made things worse. he would recover and see if he could fly. " [19659028] @tigers announce to the crowd that the goose is healthy and has been released

– George Sipple (@GeorgeSipple) May 31, 2018 [19659030] Auto Play

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