At today’s Watch Night event, Google announced a new Extreme Battery Saver feature for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, allowing you to push your battery limits that were previously possible. This is all well and good for early adopters of new phones, but what about us with older pixels? Fortunately, Google has stated that the Extreme Battery Saver will come “very soon” in a feature drop in the current Pixel.

Google claims that Extreme Battery Saver will let you keep your phone battery up to 48 hours. When activated, the Extreme Battery Saver will leave your phone’s screen timeout up to 30 seconds and turn off your work profile. The new mode will allow you to select the required apps, while everything else will stop. While the apps are paused, you will not receive notifications from them. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to work, but scanning will be stopped. Current hotspot or tethering activity will also stop.

We all want our phone’s battery to last as long as possible, and with this new feature it looks like we’ll be able to push that limit more than before. Keep an eye out for extreme battery savers in the feature drop in the near future.