We are fast approaching Black Friday, the favorite day of every major retailer of the year. There are sure to be all kinds of savings on the big day, but we’ve got a list of sales you can see here on Google products – and there are some deals you can’t miss.

Google is going to offer sales on all its flagship products, including the new Pixel 5, Nest Audio Speaker, Nest Hub, and Nest Learning Thermostat. Even Google Home Max, which has to be updated with Nest branding, sees significant savings of $ 150.

Some of Nest’s most popular smart home products, such as the Nest Hello Camera and the Nest Learning Thermostat, will also be on sale. If you want to upgrade to Nest WiFi, you can get a router and point combo for 80 rupees.

Starting 22 November:

Starting 25 November, 7 pm Pacific:

The deal will be available at major retailers such as Best Retail, Walmart, Target and others – if one store is out of stock, just check the other. But wait till 22 November, because this is the day it starts falling. Once they move out, you will have until December 2 to take advantage of those willing to buy. We will update this post once this month goes live at discounted prices.