Google's automatic deletion feature will finally allow you to delete your location and search data


Privacy concerns are a major problem in many online platforms, with companies such as Facebook and Twitter for the use of customer data. Google has also been in the spotlight with regard to the security of user information, especially after the 2018 Associated Press investigation that found that Google services on iOS and Android devices were saving location data even after the mode had been deactivated. In an apparent move towards the company is to take privacy more seriously, Google announced on May 1 that it is introducing an option for users to remove any data based on location or web history that they do not want the engine to use. search.

"Whether you're looking for the latest news or the fastest driving route, our goal is to make our products useful for everyone," begins the official publication of Google's blog about the ad. "And when you activate settings like Location History or activity on the Web, the data can be used more effectively for you, as well as to recommend a restaurant that you can enjoy, or help you continue where you left off in a previous search. . "

While it is true that it can be useful, many users have access to their location data and they have been told that their information is given to companies that use it for purposes that are beyond their knowledge or control. Google, fortunately, is listening to these concerns loud and clear. "We work to keep your data private and secure, and we've heard your comments that we need to provide simpler ways for you to manage or delete them," read the blog post.

So now, Google has launched the automatic deletion feature, which will be used for location history and data from the Web activity and application. Although the ability to deactivate this information already exists, the 2018 AP investigation found that it is apparently not enough to prevent the data from being permanently deleted. However, with the automatic removal option, you can now choose a time limit for how long you want the data to be held (between 3 and 18 months), and any information prior to that will be automatically deleted from your account on a regular basis . You also have the power to access these controls to manually remove part or all of your historical information, if you prefer.


Obviously, this new feature is designed to help make online privacy a headache, since it can be hard to remember to erase your history regularly. Even if you are not someone who normally cares about keeping information online, the automatic deletion feature is probably useful. If you are in a private medical condition or in a question, say, you probably do not have anyone accessing your information online. And on a more serious note, Google uses your location data to plot a timeline that records your daily movements. This is how Google learns where the "home" is, or realizes the routine it usually follows, and if this information comes to the wrong hands, strangers could be its location on any day. Having Google automatically eliminates that information every few months definitely a good call

Of course, this is only a small step forward in the fight to make privacy easier, better understood and more widespread in all the sites and applications we use every day. Even so, Google takes the initiative with this feature that shows that the company is committed to improve after its past transgressions, and should be a bit of tranquility with users interested in their data and allow such data to be recorded in the first place

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