Google will turn off selfies by default with Pixel 4A and Pixel 5

Google says that retouched selfies can make people feel bad about how they actually look, so it’s changing how it handles these photos with its latest phone. For Pixel 4A, 4A 5G, and 5, it will turn off retouching from the camera app by default. It will soon update the option to update the phone to rebel and avoid any kind of judgment, such as using the word “beauty”. If someone wants to use face retouching effects, Google will explain how the settings are applied and how they affect the photo.

“Photos can negatively affect mental well-being when you know that a camera or photo app has applied a filter,” Google says in a blog post about the changes and why they made it. It is unclear whether and when older Pixel devices may receive this update, but the company suggests that all camera apps turn the filter off and on by default.


Last year, Isaac Reynolds, chief product manager at Pixel Camera, spoke The ledge About how his team handles the filter and withstand retouching. He mentions that the team collaborated with wedding photographers to find the right reaching balance, so people still look like the best version of themselves rather.

The company started taking selfies by default with Pixel 4 for the first time, so it is interesting to see that the team is already reversing that decision. At the time, it seemed that Google knows people accurately, but wants to look its best in photos. Now, it appears that selfie takers care more about their photos and information about what is happening.