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Google Voice now tests calls over Wi-Fi or data, but there are some caveats

Calling through Wi-Fi or data finally reaches Google Voice in beta form. Register now to test the feature, but take note of known limitations and problems. ( Spencer Platt | Getty Images )

Google Voice is testing voice through calls to Internet protocols, or VoIP. Beta records are now live, and Google has detailed the next feature that will allow users to make and receive calls through Wi-Fi or data.

Such calls will soon be possible through mobile and web clients, according to a recent publication in the Google Voice forums. With this feature, users can make calls using their Google Voice number from multiple devices as long as they have the application installed.

Google will bring this feature to the main platforms, including the web and Android. However, iOS support is still in development.

How to register with Google Voice Beta

It's easy to join the Google beta program for voice. Simply fill out a form, make sure your Google Voice application is up to date and wait for an email that contains additional instructions. Google will also notify users once Wi-Fi calls are available. Once it is, users will be recommended to try the feature and send their comments when requested.

Do not get excited yet

However, there are some caveats worth mentioning. First, Google says that Obihai devices will not work with calls over Wi-Fi. In addition, users will not be able to use the incoming call options when making calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data. For the web client, Wi-Fi calls only work in Chrome for now, although Google has confirmed that it plans to extend the functionality to other web browsers, including Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Some limitations related to Bluetooth are also present, such as not being able to use physical controls on a Bluetooth device to answer or drop calls. Nor can users enter the headset mode when a Bluetooth device is paired. In addition, there is the possibility that calls are disconnected when changing Bluetooth and speaker.

The warnings mentioned above are really annoying, but keep in mind that this is just a beta test, whose purpose is to help solve the problems and lead to a much more stable version of the function. But signing up for the beta program might be worth it for users who want to see how well calls through Wi-Fi or data work through Google Voice.

Google did not mention a specific roadmap for Google Voice's Wi-Fi calling capabilities. , therefore, suffice it to say that it is not clear exactly when this function will be implemented for most users. Still, take this beta test as a good sign that it will arrive soon, perhaps even this year, if things work.

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