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Google tests leakage of smart speaker recordings

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Recordings of rows and confidential data were found in the filtered information.

Google is investigating how 1,000 conversations recorded by one of its intelligent speakers were leaked.

The Belgian station VRT exhibited the recordings made by Google Home devices in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The search giant said the recordings came from one of the human reviewers who help refine Home's language skills.

It also took steps to protect the privacy of people whose recordings were sampled by its reviewers.

Critical critic

VRT said that most of the revised recordings were short clips recorded by Google's home devices used by them.

However, he said that 153 were not recorded because the phrase "OK Google" was not given.

These unintentionally recorded exchanges include:

  • burning rows
  • chatting bedroom
  • parents talking with their children
  • Telephone calls exposing confidential information.

He said it was the device that recorded these conversations because users said a phrase that sounded similar to "OK Google" that triggered the device.

When responding to his blog for the VRT show, Google said he shared recordings with experts who "understand the nuances and accents" of specific languages ​​to make their speaker more accurate.

"This is a critical part of the voice technology creation process," he said, adding that the failure or recordings are disabled by default when people start using their home devices.

He added that he was investigating how one of his contractors had been able to give VRT access to the recorded conversation database.

"Our security and privacy response teams have been activated on this issue, they are investigating and we will take action," he wrote.

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