Google Shopping has launched new devices to let you know if you have found a good deal.

Google Shopping launched a series of new devices on Thursday to help users determine if they had actually gotten a “good” deal.

Google Shopping’s ‘Price Insight’ tool (Google’s Photo courtesy)

Shoppers can now find price insights on tech giants’ retail platforms that will tell them if an item’s deals are higher, lower, or exclusive than other prices on the web or nearby stores.


In addition, customers can compare different price and purchase options from a range of both online and local stores. In the coming days, curb and in-store pick-up will also appear in the list of retailers as available options.

Google Shopping’s ‘price comparison’ tool (photo courtesy of Google)

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Whenever prices fall via email or on the Google Search app, consumers can track the products they want to buy to receive alerts.

Google Shopping’s ‘price tracking’ tool (photo courtesy of Google)

Online searches for “early deals” as new improvements to Google shopping have begun to rise before Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

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Professional software provider Salesforce estimates that digital sales could increase by up to 30% this holiday season and consumers shop online to prevent the spread of the coronavirus virus.

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