Google Santa’s follower returns with pixie selfies and multiplayer ball fights –

Google Santa’s follower returns with pixie selfies and multiplayer ball fights


Any father of small children who are big Santa admirers know that a great technology friend on Christmas Eve is the Google Santa Tracker app. This application will avoid having to constantly respond to the important "Where is Santa?" Ask, all night and, in general, make your life easier. The Google Santa Tracker app has officially opened, since we are only a few weeks away from Christmas.

  Google Santa Tracker Application

Santa Tracker applications are very similar to those they had in previous years and have a countdown clock so that the little ones (and the big ones, without judging) can see how far There is the great night of Santa Claus. You can visit the Santa Tracker website and get the same information you get from the application version. Santa's Village is open every day until December 24 and has games to play and virtual art projects.

  Google Santa Tracker Games

Children can learn to code with the Code Boogie game that helps an elf get his boogie. Santa's Canvas allows the creation of original works of art and this year a giant virtual snowball fight will be held. This year there is a new game "Santa Snap" that is only available for the Android application that lets you fly an elf that uses jetpack around the world in Google Maps and take "elfies" to famous places.

  Will Ferrell Elf

This game uses the accelerometer of the smartphone to focus the lens and take pictures at the right time. When Christmas Eve arrives, the main function of the application is activated with the ability to track Santa Claus as he travels the world. This year, you will ask the Google badistant, where Santa is using the phrase "Ok Google, where Santa is." This will work on Android, iPhone and Google Home.

Google has also included resources for Christmas on the education page, allowing teachers to download lesson plans with tutorial videos and access educational games. Most features are offered in Android, iOS and Chrome.

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