Google reportedly paid tens of millions for Stadia ports |

I remember during the reveal when Pichai came on stage and the first thing he said was “I admit it, I’m not a great player.” I remember thinking man who the hell invited you then? This is not how confidence is instilled in a product launch.

It just goes to show how incompetent Google is as a company. They have been a monopoly giant for so long that they no longer remember how to really compete. If a project doesn’t launch with hundreds of millions of clients on Day 1, it is an immediate failure in their eyes. It is as if they feel they are entitled to massive success.

However, I will not say that I am disappointed. The idea of ​​paying a monthly subscription to play games I don’t have with high latency and ugly compression artifacts while Google spies on me doesn’t appeal to me in any way. Also, I had no confidence that they would release anything worth playing anyway.

The only fun thing that comes out of this is betting on when Stadia will shut down.

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