Google rebuilds Fit and adds three Tiles OS to wear

The Workout Tile provides shortcuts for recently performed workouts and displays a matrix when exercising. The weather gets a facelift that Google calls “easy on the eyes” and shows general forecast information. Meanwhile, Breathe lets you launch guided breathing sessions more quickly and tells you how your heart rate changed between the start and end of each session.


Google is also revamping its Fit app to better display information pulling from various connected devices. In addition to rings showing your steps and heart progress, the home page will also display a summary of your metrics, your most recent workout and your trends over time for things like heart rate, weight, and blood pressure.

Sleep-tracking is also becoming more useful, especially for those who wear smartwatches, rings or use connected mats in their beds. Fit will now show nighttime activity, sleep stages and will let you set goals for bedtime. It will also work when you use sleep-tracking apps such as Sleep Ace Android or Sleep Cycle, and Google says it will expand the feature to support more devices and apps in the future.

These updates will expire in the next few days, and while none of them are improving, they are a delightful sign that Google is continuing to work on its wearable platform. Many of these extras are catching up with the likes of Google Samsung’s Tizen or Apple’s WatchOS, but with a more frequent upgrade cadence, it seems that Google may release tools to close the gap while it is likely a new one in the background The version reads.

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