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Google pulls YouTube from Amazon devices while bitter enmity is shaking

SAN FRANCISCO – Google is withdrawing its popular YouTube video service from Amazon's Fire TV and Echo Show devices in an escalating dispute that has caught consumers in the crossfire.

The decision to block YouTube is a reprisal for Amazon's refusal to sell Google Products that compete with Amazon gadgets. That includes Google's Chromecast streaming device, an alternative to Fire TV, and an Internet-connected speaker called Home, which tries to catch up with Echo, Amazon's market leader. The Amazon's high-level Echo Show has a screen that can display video.

"Given this lack of reciprocity, we no longer support YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV," Google said in a statement on Tuesday.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The battle highlights the power that the world's leading technology companies are winning, as they dominate the most important corners of commerce and communications. As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon has a great influence on what people buy, while the results of Google's ubiquitous search engine often help determine what people do on and off the web.

Google expects to pressure Amazon to sell Google products. eliminating access to the most watched video service in the world. Unless a truce is achieved, YouTube will stop working on Fire TV on January 1. YouTube was supposed to disappear from the Echo Show on Tuesday, although Amazon had already found ways to make unauthorized versions of YouTube available on that device.

The dispute between Amazon and Google reflects the clashes that occasionally arise between pay-TV providers and television networks when the time comes to renegotiate their agreements.

But in this case, the two heavyweights of technology are not fighting license fees. Instead, they are maneuvering to locate their devices and, by extension, their digital services in homes as devices and devices connected to the Internet become more deeply rooted in people's lives.

The disputes between Google and Amazon have lasted several years have increased competition between them. One of the first signs that companies disagreed occurred when Amazon redesigned Google's Android mobile software for its Kindle tablets. Two years ago, Amazon expelled Chromecast from its store, even though that device had previously been its best-selling electronic gadget


The latest clash between Google and Amazon was ridiculed by a commercial association of high-speed Internet providers. The group, USTelecom, has tried to persuade skeptics that Internet providers will preserve equitable access to all digital services, even if the Federal Communications Commission adopts a proposal to rescind current "net neutrality" regulations.

protections like not blocking or strangle content, "said USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter." It seems that some of the biggest Internet companies can not say the same thing. Ironic, is not it? "

In addition to retaining Chromecast and the home speaker of his store, Amazon has also annoyed Google for refusing to sell a Nest-connected Internet-connected thermostat, which is owned by the Google Alphabet Inc. parent. Amazon also does not allow its Prime video streaming service on Chromecast, an omission that Google wants to change.

Amazon does not sell Apple's streaming video player either, but that could change if Amazon's video streaming service starts on Apple TV , something Apple said would happen later this year, but that announcement was made in June and the Prime video is not yet available on Apple TV.

Roku's leading streaming players are sold through Amazon: Roku players present channels to watch both the Prime video and YouTube.

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