Google promises to remove search suggestions that may sound political – even if they are true

Google sometimes gets in trouble for phrases that appear automatically when trying to type in a new search. Even if some of them make up for celebrity interviews, others have sometimes led users towards problematic concepts and fake news, in addition to harmless things like spoilers for film and video games. Suggestions are based on what other people are looking for.

But in the creation of the 2020 US presidential election, Google is changing its autocomplete policies as a particular category of theoretically suggested: “election-related predictions” that can be interpreted in favor of a particular candidate or political party Can.

The new policy is very brief, so I will tell you the whole thing here:

Election predictions

We do not allow estimates that can be interpreted as a position for or against any candidate or political party, nor as a claim about participation or integrity of the electoral process. Can.

Considering you, Google had already claimed in 2016 that “autocompletion does not favor any candidate or cause,” when it was accused of concealing negative autocompletion results about Hillary Clinton. . It seems like this would be a little different, though: Instead of ensuring that the search for political candidates and parties is not biased in any way, Google will simply remove search suggestions that may favor the party or candidate.

The company offered a few examples in a blog post today, and they seem overwhelming in how they can be “balanced”: Google is clearly “you can vote by phone” and “you can’t” Will remove both phrases. Vote by phone, “Even if one of those things is true and the other is false.

Google tells The ledge This will be implemented automatically, mostly automatically:

With autocompletion, we rely primarily on automated systems to make assumptions about our policies and prevent predictions from appearing. If someone slips through predictions, and if we get a report or otherwise identify a breach, our trust and security team implement those policies.

In addition, similar fair searches like “but can you vote by phone”. Can still be autocomplete. If you see predictions that violate Google’s policies, you can report them here.

Updates, 7:16 PM ET: Google’s explanation added that it would be mostly implemented automatically and actively by its system.