Google Pixel phones with Android 11 now make apps and suggest chat

Android 11 easter eggs 4

  • The release of Android 11 has brought a bunch of additional features for Google Pixel owners.
  • The OS now suggests apps, provides smart replies in chat, and helps you find friends in Live View.
  • The upgrade first reaches Pixel owners, but should come for other devices.

Android 11 brings a host of upgrades to virtually any accessories, but there are some additional perks if you have a Pixel phone. Google has expanded a host of “Pixel-first” features that will reach their phones before anyone else.

Your phone can make more recommendations for a beginner. Android on Pixel will make app suggestions based on your daily routine, theoretically making it easier to plan your morning or relax at the end of the day. If you use Gboard in English, you will receive smart reply suggestions in chat apps to speed up general responses. Your Pixel will also borrow a cue from iOS, with suggestions for folder names based on apps inside iOS – group your home workout apps together and you may get the “fitness” label.

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Other updates may be less specific, but still useful. Now there are easy ways to copy, paste, save and share content, whether it is text or screenshots. You may have less trouble finding friends who have shared their location for that location. It is now possible to use the live view of Google Maps with location sharing, giving you a better reference point. You will receive augmented reality instructions to point correctly in this mode.

Android 11 is reaching Pixel devices as of today, so you won’t have to wait to try new additions.

Google did not specify when any of these features could access third-party Android 11 phones. It may be weeks or months before you see these additions elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is clear that Android 11 will evolve over time if you have a non-pixel handset.