Google ‘Pixel 5a’ appears first in AOSP

Just yesterday, Google started teasing the mid-range Pixel 4a with an August 3 date. Today, however, we get our first glimpse into a mid-range Pixel phone for 2021 – the “Pixel 5A” in the Android open source project.

Earlier this month, we are confident that we know three Google Pixel phones for 2020 – namely the mid-range Pixel 4a, upper-mid-Pixel Pixa 4a (5G), and premium Pixel 5. Our Stephen Hall is already Has told what are the expectations from these three phones.

With those mysteries more or less solved, our attention has already turned to the Made of 2021 by Google phone. With the success of the Pixel 3a and the amount of excitement surrounding the much-delayed Pixel 4a, it would be no surprise to see Google continue to offer mid-range phones for the foreseeable future.

Today, however, we have found solid evidence that Google is actually working on a mid-range phone called “Pixel 5a” in 2021. This comes from a code change in the Android open source project, where a developer essentially makes direct mention of the entire Google Pixel phone lineup and which version of Android it will launch or launch with.

In our list of devices, as seen by our Dylan Roussel, we see three upcoming Pixel phones that we already knew about – the Pixel 4A, 4A (5G), and Pixel 5 – as well as one Pixel “direct mention of 5A as well.”

So what do we all learn from this initial mention? First of all, we now know that Google Pixel 5a is under development. Second, we can speculate that like the Pixel 3a and 4a, the Pixel 5a will be released in the middle of the year, as it will be on Android 11 (R) rather than Android 12 next fall.

We do not know what kind of hardware this Pixel 5a is. That type of information usually does not appear in Android open source projects until after the release of a device. Either way, it is exciting to confirm that Google will continue to release quality mid-range phones for the future.

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