Google Pixel 4A teases August 3 as launch date

Google Pixel 4 XL. Next, Pixel 4A?

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

We think we’re reasonably aware of Google’s next flagship smart phone – possibly Pixel 4A – But we were not sure when the matter would actually come. This changed on Thursday, thanks to a clever tamper created and posted by Google Facebook Twitter Issues launching on 3 August.


Specifically, both accounts blocked their header images for a mysterious block of text, with blocked words and a guppy hole punch in the upper corner, consistent with Pixel’s camera design. The bio link of the Twitter account links to a Google landing page with similar block-out text, a paragraph of “lorem ipsum” placeholder text, and a rectangular placeholder where a phone image should be.

Here is the clever part. Click or tap on those blocked-out words, and the color of the block will change. To change them according to the order of colors in the Google logo – blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red – and reveal themselves to read the words, “Google is introducing what you’re waiting for Are. Phone. “

Right below it? A big, blue date: August 3. Consider our calendar marked.

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