Google Pixel 4a Coming on Monday, Pandemic Damages the Alphabet, and Today More Tech News

Your Tech News Digest via the DGiT Daily Tech Newsletter for Friday July 31, 2020.

1. Pixel 4a is coming Monday

Google posted a teaser last night for the upcoming mid-range phone that had more leaks than a sieve.

The Google Store had some fun with the teaser, showing an empty device with some custom “Lorem Epsom” text:

  • Click the box to align the Google logo colors with the Google logo colors of blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red, and you will find the following:

  • The text hints at low-light photography, bokeh (shallow depth of field) photo effects, and a long-lasting battery, and of course that date: Monday, August 3.
  • Consider a marked calendar!
  • It’s a big week next week: It’s exactly two days before the Samsung Unpacked event, where we’re expecting to see very high-end devices.

Should Google expect big sales? Apple hint:

  • Well, good question. It would be everywhere against the OnePlus Nord but the U.S.A. However, the frying big fish will be the iPhone SE 2020.
  • Apple’s last night’s earnings even saw the iPhone range during COVID-19 lockdown and store closures, but it was lower than expected.
  • While people raced to get Macs and iPads to work from home and support education, with revenues of 21.6% and 31%, respectively, from the same period last year, Apple said the store closes due to the iPhone Revenue was expected to decline.
  • Instead, thanks to the iPhone SE, iPhone revenue was up 1.7%, with CEO Tim Cook attributing the “very successful” release of the low-cost $ 399 iPhone SE.
  • According to analysts, Apple was the only company to record an increase in smartphone sales in 2020.
  • Could it also help that Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 release date would be pushed back this year, with an executive expecting the new iPhone “to be available a few weeks later.” General releases occur during September, with an October launch.
  • Go back to Google, and all important pricing.
  • There have been indications that Google may reduce the price of the new 4a to as low as $ 349 (with 64GB of storage in the base trim). This means that there may be a 128 GB model for a bit more.
  • here’s the thing. I am likely to upgrade using Pixel 3a XL by the time Google announces the rock-solid device. But pricing and final specs will matter

2. Nokia 8.3 reached the US more than six months after the announcement of 5G (Android Authority). (Android Authority).

3. Google decided to buy YouTube after deciding against a branded flip video (Android Authority).

4. We Asked, You Told Us: The iPhone SE Camera Slaps OnePlus Nord. Is all hope lost? OnePlus may well release tweaks for image processing capabilities, but if it’s not very good at launch, it’s not going to be well reviewed (Android Authority).

5. “I’m sorry, but Samsung’s strategy of naming a foldable phone is very poor” (SamMobile).

6. In an epidemic economy, tech companies are participating in: Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook all earned money last night, and wow. Three out of four grew, only Alphabet / Google saw a drop in ad-revenue, the first time in history. Amazon showed more flexibility than Apple anticipated, and Facebook somehow added 12% more users in more parts of the world, with more people using Facebook longer during lockdown. All days after the antitrust hearing. Good report here (The ledge), And TechCrunch Summary of numbers. Also, Facebook says Apple’s iOS 14 changes could hurt its advertising goal (Cnbc).

7. SpaceX to invest $ 10 billion in satellite broadband plan, move to Amazon, and also win FCC approval for low-Earth orbit operation.Reuters).

8. Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play, and leaks of up to 120fps will be suggested (The ledge). Also, the Halo team on the criticism of the graphics: ‘We have work to do’ ()Engadget)… .And they know about it Craig meme!.

9. 2020 Honda E First Drive Review: Cute is just beginning. Not sure I like all the screens on the dashboard. (Cnet).

10. Twitter says the ‘phone spear phishing’ attack led to a bitcoin scam (Ars Technica).

11. NASA: Mars Rover firmly in ‘safe mode’ after launch, but should be fine (Space).

12. Bob and Dog are back on Sunday: NASA and SpaceX are targeting 2:42 EDT on Sunday, August 2 For splatter, QR Dragon must depart ISS at 7:35 pm EDT on Saturday (NASA).

13. ELI5: “When an alcohol is applied to an infected wound, why does it hurt and why does the wound heal quickly like that?” (R / explainlikeimfive).

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