Google Photos PWA available for Chrome on Android and desktop

The Google Photos progressive web application is available for Chrome in the Android and desktop versions, so you should be able to see it as an option to move forward now that Google has enabled the capability. That said, it may still require some users to activate the PWA indicator, so if you touch the overflow menu and do not see the option to install Photos PWA, then the option is to enable the indicator. Although photos can now be installed on your device through the Google Photos for Android application and Chrome on your desktop as a Chrome application, the progressive version of the web application should be faster to use.

Go to the Google Photos website: photos., and tap the overflow menu in the browser (the three small dots in the right corner of the browser's UI) and the option should appear below, below the zoom option and just above edit, cut, copy, and paste options. If you're looking at the site in Chrome for Android, you can appear in a higher or lower position in the overflow menu, since Chrome for Android does not have the same set of options here, so it's worth keeping that in mind.

you do not see the option and you need to enable the Chrome indicator, just tap or click on the address bar and type chrome: // flags / # enable-desktop-pwas and the mark will appear You must activate the switch to install progressive web applications on your desktop or Android smartphone or tablet. From there, it's as simple as going back to the Google Photos website, touching the overflow menu again, finding the PWA option "install Google Photos" and follow up. If you are installing the PWA on your Android device, the icon will be displayed on your home screen, and if you are installing it on your computer, it will appear on your desktop.

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