Google Pay 2.118 Confirms Old Apps Will Be Replaced With Flutter One

Last week, the Google Pay team announced that the Google Pay for India app (formerly called “Tez”) was being rewritten with Flutter, a key design with Google’s open-source UI development kit. Google currently has two versions of the Pay app: one for global users and one for Indians. In a blog post, Google stated that they “look forward to launching Google Pay on Flutter for everyone worldwide on iOS and Android.” some This means that the existing app will be rebuilt with flutter for global users, while other This means that the old app will be killed. Tonight, Google Pay version 2.118 is rolled out on the Play Store, and it confirms that the latter will happen.

The new Google Pay app is built with Flutter.

APK teardowns can often predict features that may come in an application update in the future, but it is possible that none of the features we describe will be released in the future. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in a live build and may be pulled by developers at any time in future builds.

Strings within the APK state that there will be an “upgrade prompt” that will notify users to download the new version of the app.

<string name="deprecation_prompt_get_gp3">Get the new GPay</string>
<string name="deprecation_prompt_install_gp3">Download the new Google Pay</string>
<string name="deprecation_prompt_open_gp3">Open the new GPay</string>
<string name="deprecation_prompt_switch_to_gp3">Use the latest Google Pay</string>

There is also a new activity with more details on app migration. The screen tells users that they will “still search.” [their] Favorite features, plus track spending, get useful insights, earn unique rewards, and more! “If you tap on the” Get New GPY “button at the bottom, the Play Store listing for the former Google Pay in India will be launched. Currently, the new app is still regionally restricted, so I can play it directly Unable to download from store to my device.



Once Google starts prompting users to move to the new Google Pay app built with Flutter, we’ll let you all know.

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