Google One app for Android now provides free phone backup

Google One, Google’s integrated cloud backup service, provides customers with the ability to automatically back up device data, multimedia messages, photos and videos from their Android devices. Starting today, the same feature is being extended to all Android users for free.

The backup feature is a convenient and worry-free way of preserving your texts, contacts, applications, photos and videos. And it is all automated, so very little work needs to be done by users. If you want to break, lose or upgrade your device, all your important information will be saved in the cloud. Most Android devices already support the Google Play service’s Backup Manager service to support data for the cloud that uploads files to a private directory on users’ Google Drive accounts. However, this backup solution does not sync MMS or photos and videos in original quality, a perk available from Google Photos / One.

In addition to the free backup feature, Google is also offering a storage manager, which will be available both in mobile apps and online. This will allow users to delete files from various services that support one, including Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos, to free up space. You get 15GB of free storage with a Google account, and then $ 1.99 / month for 100GB of data on Google One.

As always, the client allows sharing their plan with up to five additional members, so if you need more than 15GB of storage, but not 100GB or more, you split the extra storage space with your family members can do. This is a nifty incentive to upgrade. A membership also includes premium support, Google Play credit and Google Store member rewards. There are also indications that a subscription will be required to access premium editing features in Google Photos, but we have not yet seen this happen.

Google said that it plans to launch the Google One app for iOS soon, so iPhone users will also get free automatic backup. The Android app is currently available from the Google Play Store.

Source: Google

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