Google Nest Hub, Redesigns Smart Display UI w / Dark Theme

As previewed last month, Google is redesigning the smart display’s interface. It includes a dark theme, support for personal and work accounts, productivity actions, and more.

Update 10/21: Announced on Monday, Smart Display Redesign is widely enrolled in the preview program (version for Nest Hub and Hub Max devices. The power cable has to be rebooted for a few seconds.

On the first launch, an interactive walkthrough directs you through an “updated smart display” experience. Dark mode, which also themes the slide-up settings bar, is enabled by default for many. In the meantime, you can tap and hold on the card to reveal a menu that allows you to “dismiss” most items. A short twist sees the ‘mic / camera is off’ indicator moved to the top-right, while it no longer appears on ambient mode.

Original 10/19: It starts with the “Your Morning” page which serves as “a new visual experience to jump-start your day”. Broadly, the smart display is now tab-based rather than the carousel of the UI card. Time is always shown in the top-right corner.

You’ll see things like reminders for your first visit, a piece of morning news and a look at the weather ahead. This page evolves throughout the day to reflect “your afternoon” and “your evening” so that the recommendations you see can be transformed into your day.

“Your Evening” will let you select relaxing sounds from “calm rain” to “wickets”, with a sleep timer available to fade the audio and ease you into one sleep. Once, now Sunrise alarms are:

With the sunrise alarm — soon coming to the smart display — the screen brightness will start to rise slowly, 30 minutes before your alarm goes off, mimicking the sunrise and you will wake up naturally. You can also set different alarms for different days of the week and choose different ringtones for them (because who wants to wake up on Saturday in the morning !?). The best thing? When the alarm goes off, you can say “stop” without saying “Hey Google”.

Next is the “Home Control” tab that shows a grid of your various smart device categories: Lights, Locks, Speakers and TV, Connectivity (Google / Nest Wifi), Camera, Routines, Climate and Rooms. There will also be a large card to control a light fixture.

The “Media” page will suggest things for you to consume. For example, you can get podcasts in the morning and TV shows at night. Music and video suggestions are drawn from Disney +, Netflix, YouTube TV and Spotify.

“Communication” is highlighted as a “tool to stay in touch and stay productive”. You can start a new meeting, call a domestic contact or broadcast. Additionally, you can now cancel and reschedule meetings, as well as send a message to participants.

Google Meet will let you customize the grid view, “so it’s easy to see a specific person or description in a presentation with a pinning, four-person grid, and a pinch, and come later this year.”

Finally, there is a dedicated Discover tab, while swiping to the far left allows you to launch a “photo frame”.

Meanwhile, smart displays now support personal and work accounts simultaneously. This means that you can view your full calendar and list of meetings without having to switch:

It is now supported on assistive-enabled devices where you can access your calendar, such as phones (Android and iOS), shared devices such as smart speakers and smart displays, and for users in the Google Assistant area that the Google Assistant beta program Are enrolled in

Smart displays ultimately sport a dark theme, with Google describing how it “reduces light emissions, so it’s easier on the eyes at night.”

You can also keep the classic light theme or set it to “automatic” so that the display naturally adjusts based on ambient light or when the sun rises and sets.

Google is now redesigning this smart display.

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