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Google mocks audiobooks in the Google Play Store | News and opinion

A banner suggests that you will soon be able to buy audiobooks directly from the Google Play Store.

  Google Play Audiobooks

If you love listening to Harry Potter in your car instead of sitting and reading about the adventures of the child magician, and you own a smartphone or tablet Android: you're in luck The audiobooks will reach Google Play, presumably in a big way.

According to numerous reports, Google recently placed a banner on the Google Play Store to indicate that "audiobooks are now on Google Play." They were not or, rather, touching the banner currently takes it to a 404 error page within the application and on the web. And Google technically already offers audiobooks, only through Google Play Music, not Google Play Store directly.

Google is likely waiting to make a big announcement about adding a category of audiobooks to the Google Play Store before the switch is turned on. And when it does, the company offers an incentive for users to browse and buy: half of the first audiobooks they buy.

What we do not know is whether Google plans to present audiobooks in the Google Play Store and Google Play Music. To reduce confusion, Google may only move all audiobooks to the Google Play Store. We also do not know how many audiobooks Google plans to offer within the Google Play Store, but we hope that the selection will be much wider and more diverse than the Google Play Music audiobook library.

As AndroidHeadlines points out, it seems that Google's launch of a new category for audiobooks in Google Play Store is not global: users in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have seen the promotional banners, but they do not appear for all Android users around the world. This suggests that some countries may not have access to the audio books in the Google Play Store at first, but we will have to wait until Google announces the announcement, which fortunately will happen in the coming days or weeks, for more information.

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