Google Meat’s noise-canceling feature is running on iOS and Android

Google is canceling its impressive noise in Google Meetings for Android and iOS, but unfortunately, it won’t be available to everyone – G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education customer to take advantage of the easy feature Should be, Google says. Google first rolled out for the web in June.

When you are on a Google meeting call, the technology is designed for background noise like a keyboard or a barking dog. If you want to know how effective it can be, check it out Venturebeat The video from June of Serge Lachpel, a G Suite director of product management, shows how noise-canceling technology leaves a crinkling bag of snacks, a click pen and a clinking glass (1:50 for the noise-canceling demo Go to):

Google’s G Suite update blog states that the noise cancellation feature is turned off by default on mobile, but you can turn on the call by accessing the call settings. (Here is Google’s guide to doing this. The feature is starting today and should be fully rolled out within a few days.

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