Google Maps will now show the speed limits for your Android and iOS apps

For the past several years, my wife and I have relied on an old Garmin GPS for long trips, partly because it had a useful feature that Google Maps lacked: speed limits. We could end up changing soon, because Google has begun to implement the function in Google Maps on iOS and Android devices.

The new feature, stained by Android police (via Mashable), shows the speed limit posted on the roads in the corner of the application, and also introduces an icon to indicate the location of the speed cameras. Mashable informs that drivers will receive an audio notification when approaching a speed trap. The update is currently being implemented for users in Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States, while icons for speed cameras are being implemented in users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom and United States.

Google began testing the feature in 2016, and was only available in a couple of areas: San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and an update of Apple's CarPlay application introduced the feature recently. This new update will help users who do not drive cars with smart screens, and help Google to catch up with the likes of Waze and Garmin, which have long provided information for drivers. I will certainly try it on my next road trip.

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