Google Maps updates help you deal with the epidemic

Google has announced some upcoming improvements to Google Maps, including updates to its COVID overlay, takeout ordering features, and real-time congestion information for public transportation. Along with them, the company says that Google Assistant Driving Mode, which gives you access to features such as voice control for music while driving, is launching in the US in previews.

Google Assistant Driving Mode was Google I / O announced back in 2019 for the first time And was rolled out on some Android devices last month. Mode Maps provides voice control for features such as phone calls and media playback from within the navigation screen, so you can access them while keeping your eyes on the road. These include reading new messages from different messaging apps, answering phone calls, and playing media from services such as Spotify, YouTube Music and Google Podcasts. Google states that users will have the option to enable the mode via a pop up in Maps, or from the Google Assistant settings.

Google Assistant driving mode lets you do things like answer calls from within the navigation interface.
Picture: Google

Improvements have been made to the COVID-19 overlays for Google Maps that launched back in September. In the coming weeks it is adding more information to Android and iOS, including the amount of cases found in an area overall, as well as links to COVID information provided by local authorities. Google says that this can give you information about local rules and regulations while traveling.

The COVID-19 overlay will now report the total number of cases in a region.
Picture: Google

Google Map shows how congested public transport is. Google says that maps can now show you how congested public transport is in real-time, making it difficult to distance socially if you help avoid a particular train or bus route. It uses Google Maps users’ feedback, and will be available globally on Android and iOS. The feature is based on predictive congestion information that Google introduced last year.

It will also give details of how crowded public transport is.
Picture: Google

After adding the ability to place food orders directly last year, Google Maps is showing more information about takeout food from within the app on iOS and Android. It can now show delivery times, or when a meal is ready to be taken from a restaurant. Google says the facility operates in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India.

Google says that nearly 250 new features have been added to Maps this year since the onset of the epidemic, with many designed to help in the era of new health regulations and social disturbances. These include alerts about face-covering rules on public transport, as well as a warning to call a doctor if you think you have COVID-19.

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