Google Maps motorcycle mode finds shortcuts for cyclists in India

India overtook China to become the world's leading motorcycle and scooter market last year. With millions of two-wheelers in the country, it's no wonder that Google is creating a dedicated update for bicycles. The new mode will explore shortcuts that are not accessible to cars and trucks, and will provide personalized traffic and arrival time estimates. Google claims that it is a "first in India" feature, so it is likely to spread to other regions as well.

While Android OreoGo will pre-install the Assistant on low-budget smartphones, the Digital assistant is also directed to a phone with special functions. A variant in Hindi and English of the Assistant is reaching $ 25, JioPhone enabled for 4G. In addition to slight adjustments in its interface, Assistant will retain all its voice-based functions, despite being demoted to a basement bargain phone. However, you will have to fight with the existing JioPhone assistant (HelloJio) while you are there.

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