Google makes UI a new nest hub with ‘Sunrise’

In October last year, Google also excluded Sunrise Alarm, announcing a large UI revamp for Assistant Smart Display. The Android feature has now been launched as part of a new alarm experience for Nest Hub.

Today, “Hey Google, show me my alarms” or swiping up from the bottom of a nest hub and tapping the alarm icon brings up a carousel where each alarm is placed side-by-side in a circle. There is a FAB in the bottom-left corner to create a new one.

The new UI uses a list with time, date and on / off toggles on each line. Tapping “Set Alarm” will bring you a scrollable picker as before, but now there’s a second step to determine if it repeats, set the sound, enable the Sunrise Alarm or Morning Routine Do:

  • Repeat: Sunday – Select Saturday.
  • Alarm bells: With the ability to preview each of the 20 Light, Medium, Heavy and Natural groups.
  • Sunrise alarm: When all phones are installed on the Pixel Stand and later with Google Clock, “the screen will slowly glow like a sunrise to wake you up.” You can then specify whether the room lights should be “bright to wake you up gently”, or “pre-alarm” – “the soothing sound that rings when the sunrise alarm starts.” The final adaptation lets you determine how long the effects last: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes.
  • morning routine: Can be triggered automatically after canceling your alarm.

Meanwhile, the main list also lets you access “default alarm settings”. There is an alarm volume slider and the ability to choose the “after silence” and “snooze length” periods.

Google tested this new smart display experience in September for limited users. To date, Nest Hub – Regular, not Max – has access to the new alarm experience (Home App> Device Settings> Device Information> Preview Program) on version 1.52 of the preview channel.

It is a full-featured upgrade that matches the extensive interface overhaul to bring more on-device control. Given the current preview availability, it will expect to launch a wider range of all smart displays in the coming weeks.

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