Google lens with visual search and assistance now implemented in Google Photos for iOS

Last month, Google announced that Lens, its suite of search and visual badysis tools, will come to iOS. Presented for the first time at the Google I / O developer conference last year, it will be extended in the coming weeks to all users using Google Photos.

Google Lens, as Assistant, is an extension of Google Search. You can badyze what is in an image and provide relevant actions and search results. For example, when badyzing an image with a phone number or an address, it will provide suggestions for calling and obtaining instructions.

Other capabilities include:

  • Business card: you can save the phone number or address of a contact. 19659005] Book: You can get criticism and other details about it.
  • Milestone or building: you can get more details about it.
  • Painting in a museum: you can get details about it.
  • A plant or animal: You can get more information about it.
  • A flyer or advertising poster: you can add that event to your calendar.

In Google Photos, the target can be accessed by touching the new square camera icon in the bottom toolbar of any image After a second of badysis, a panel will slide up with actions you can perform or search results .

According to Google, version 3.15 of the iOS application is being implemented as of today with a full version for all users next week.

Starting today and next week, those of you on iOS can try previewing Google Lens to take quick measurements of a photo or discover more about the world around you. Make sure you have the latest version (3.15) of the application.https: //

– Google Photos (@googlephotos) March 15 , 2018

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