Google lens camera redesign, inspired by rolling out pixels

Back in June, we enabled a Google Camera-inspired redesign from Google Lens. It is now rolling out some Google App Beta users on Android.

This is improved by large-size carousel to access various filters of the visual search tool. Instead, you get a redesign of the lens interface that is inspired by the Google Camera app. It is highlighted by a fullscreen, edge-to-edge look featuring rounded viewfinder corners.

Like the Pixel phone, the filter switcher is now at the very bottom of the screen, with straight names. You can swipe left / right to switch, with the icon appearing above in the search button. This change is important because the lens adds more capabilities. From the previous point of view you should know about every icon.

Google has also moved the import button which opens your gallery to the left of the shutter. It was previously in the top-right corner, which is now home to only the overflow menu, while Flash is on the other end. Depending on the mode, the viewfinder has different framing guides.

Functionally-wise, not much has changed. The new UI for solving math problems has become independent of “homework”.

Comprehensive reform is seeing more limited availability today. Not all Google App beta users have a lens camera redesign, but it is enabled on one account for us across multiple devices.

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