Google Launches Stadia Game Demo to Entice People into Cloud Gaming

Google is launching a series of Stadia game demos that are truly free to play. Starting today, existing or new Stadia users will be able to play the demo Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, Star wars JD: Fallen Order, And Hello engineer. They will be available for a week and will not require a Stadia Pro subscription or even a form of payment to play them.

All you need to do is click on a link, create a Stadia account, and then start playing game demos streamed from Google’s Stadia Cloud Server. This is a clear effort for Google to entice more people to its Stadia service, an easy and free way to play game demos to see if the service is worth paying for. This will help address concerns around Stadia’s small user base and may allow anyone to try cloud gaming for free.

Google has held game demos and betas for three consecutive days, and Mankind Will be available tomorrow, with one Amar Phenix Rising The demo is coming on October 22. Each demo game will be available free of charge for seven days.

It’s interesting to see that Google adopted the free demo: they were one of the key selling points for Gaaiai – one of the original cloud gaming services – but after Sony bought Gaikai and rolled out its technology in rival PlayStation Now Never tried them. Google Stadia is run by Phil Harrison, who used to sit on Gaikai’s advisory board, and Stadia’s principal business development Jack Buser now runs Sony’s PlayStation.

Stadia Pro owners now have 29 claim-worthy games and release games Cyberpunk 2077 Looking forward to playing on Cloud Gaming Service on 19 November.

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