Google is working on a solution to an error that is causing Home Minis to fail at high volume –

Google is working on a solution to an error that is causing Home Minis to fail at high volume


Several months have been filled with errors for the Google hardware team. The list of problems affecting the devices announced in the company's Pixel 2 event in October only grew in another, as users began reporting Home Mini shocks when the smart speaker played at full volume. Slashgear detected a growing chorus of complaints on the Google message board this week, and we've since confirmed the problem with the company.

The problem does not seem to be universal, we tried it on a Home Mini device and it did not block our unit. But the problem is widespread enough so that the company has begun requesting reports of user failures through the Google Home application. The company also told TechCrunch that it is working to solve the problem.

For some, the problem seems to be that it happens with a select set of songs for some. "Royals" by Lorde is one that gets a pretty revised name, causing the system to shut down and restart. The easy solution for the moment is simply to keep the volume low, the Echo Dot competitor, which is priced at $ 30 at the moment, is probably not the best way to listen to your music at maximum volume anyway.

But the error marks the latest in a long list of problems that have plagued Google's hardware lately. Pixel 2 has been the subject of numerous complaints about visualization problems and audio recording quality, while many (including us) have found that Pixel Buds' synchronization problems are unstable. The Home Mini was the first to be criticized before launch, when it was discovered that a unit persistently registered a user without permission, which caused the company to deactivate a built-in feature.

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