Google is spending $ 1 billion to bring you the Google News feature

Google recently launched its launch night in event night Morning, but the company does not slow down when it comes to announcements. In one of his rare blog posts, CEO Sundar Pichai shared that Google News is partnering with publishers to create a new format for stories of practical features: Showcase. The company is looking very serious about this effort, as it is initially investing $ 1 billion to land these partnerships.

Showcases are made up of cards that publishers can customize with different layouts: a collection of related articles, a time of events, or other bullets. Components such as video, audio and daily briefing are slated for the next coming. In some cases the showcase will also make other Google products such as Search and Search (the leftmost homescreen on most Android phones).

A selection of some of Google’s launch partners.

Google has partnered with around 200 well-known publications in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, UK and Australia. As the showcase gets more features, Google wants to work with many more publishers, starting in India, Belgium and the Netherlands. In particular, America is missing here. Maybe there was an attempt to appease news outlets in these countries? Google is at loggerheads with publishers of revenue partnerships in India, Germany, all of the European Union, and Australia.

What a showcase will be on your phone.

The facility is starting in Germany and Brazil today and will come “over time” to other countries. I personally can already see a showcase from the German magazine Spiegel, which includes a series of articles covering the urban exodus amidst the coronovirus epidemic. It is not possible to swipe left or right to see more showcase, and when I refreshed the Google News homepage, the showcase disappeared without a trace. Hitting the “save for later” button in the three-dot overflow menu in the bottom right corner of the card only saves the first, headlining story, so there is still work to do until the showcase is completely finished.

Google News - Top world and local news headlines
Google News - Top world and local news headlines

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