Google is releasing a free phone backup tool for iOS

This will be more useful for those who are paying for Google One – the Aadhaar subscription plan includes 100GB of storage for $ 2 per month, enough to make drive, photo and phone backups more possible. But whether you pay for Google One or not, it is no hurt to have another option to back up your phone. As before, a paid Google One subscription includes storage that you can share with more than five family members, customer support and various perks (you can now get 10 percent back from the Google Store, e.g. for).

The new Google One app for iOS will also include a storage manager, which will make it much easier to clean up the various data that is consuming your storage. It is already available on the web, but given how much we trust our phones these days, it is a good idea that it is also available in the app. New features for free users will be available on Android via the Play Store “in the coming days”, while the Google One iOS app “will be available soon.”

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