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Google is hunting Qualcomm and Intel engineers for its new chip design team

Google is expanding its efforts to design its own smart phone chips and data centers by building a new team of engineers dedicated to the project in Bengaluru, a promising semiconductor site in the state capital of Karnataka, in the south of the country. India, according to a report. report Reuters. The new team, which Reuters says that it includes at least 16 engineers and four recruiters and is likely to continue to increase in the number of employees, it is the last sign that the most important players in the technology industry are trying to get rid of trust in the traditional business of chips Among the new hires are engineers from Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm, Reuters reports.

For almost a decade, Apple and Google have consistently brought more chip design into the company, starting with Apple's A4 processor for the iPhone and, in recent years, include dedicated chips for graphics, device image processing and artificial intelligence . (Google also designs its own inference chips and artificial intelligence training for data centers, called sensor processing units). Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have followed suit in recent years, mainly for artificial intelligence chips.

However, in spite of everything, the drive of the Big Five to establish the independence of large chip makers, such as Intel and Qualcomm, has seriously threatened the businesses of some of Silicon Valley's oldest and most revered companies. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comments on its new chip equipment.

Not helping chip makers is the relationship of Apple's rapid deterioration with Qualcomm over the use of the latter's modem chips in the iPhone, which is now the source of a series of complicated judgments. Apple initially sued Qualcomm in early 2017 for alleged anti-competitive practices related to the amount of money it was paying the iPhone maker for its modems, a critical component for accessing the Internet from a smartphone.

Qualcomm countered, which led to an aggressive escalation between the two companies, prompting Apple to abandon Qualcomm to exclusively use Intel modems on iPhones last year, an attempt to ban the sales of certain iPhones in the US. UU own modems in the house. Now, although the use of Intel modems is advancing and is likely to power the first 5G-capable iPhones next year, it seems that Apple could stop using Intel to supply components such as processors for Mac computers, a new version of which is said to be Apple developing internally as well.

All said, it seems that the largest device and device manufacturers in the industry will only continue to reject chip suppliers. For Google, which has expanded its line of devices in recent years to include smart speakers and all sorts of other AI-controlled devices, custom chip design is critical to ensure that it can tightly integrate hardware and software features, as Apple does with the iPhone and its devices. Growing family of accessories. According to ReutersCurrently, Google has only 13 open job offers in Bengaluru, but if the efforts of the company's chips are going well and their team expands to hundreds, Google may break free of Qualcomm's Snapdragon line in the future.

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