Google is giving it weekly free COVID-19 test to US employees

90,000 Google employees have access to free weekly COVID tests. Wall Street Journal It was previously reported that every American Google employee (and its subsidiaries, including YouTube) would be eligible to sign up for a free trial at home. This differs from other companies such as Amazon, which are offering testing only to employees who still have to work in a physical location, such as a retail location or warehouse.

It is apparently interested in some Google employees, as the seller’s website crashed after going live. Employees are promised that they will receive the test within two to four days of making a request, and that they will receive the results within two days of receiving the lab.

according to Wall Street Journal Reportedly, Google is paying its partner, BioIQ, $ 50 per test. This is multiplied by 90,000 employees, leaving $ 4.5 million per week.

Of course, the $ 4.5 million figure is assuming that every employee takes advantage of the offer, though a Google spokesman said the company is recommending it do so. This is a very low cost relative to Google’s profit margin.

Google spokesman also told The ledge These interns will also be eligible for the program, and that should be expanded to international staff in 2021. The company hopes the test will help reduce the number of asymptomatic spread, which should infect any of its employees.

In the early days of the epidemic, President Trump claimed that Google would create a website and a nationwide system to gain access to COIDID tests. This was not true, although an alphabetical department offered tests in some areas. Google has done other tasks for the public such as creating a contact tracing system with Apple and improving the information shown on its search results.

correction: The original version of this story stated that it was a Google site that crashed under load. It was the site of BioIQ. We regret the errors.

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