Google has planned vaccination clinics on some of its sites

Google has launched an initiative to provide more than $ 150 million to promote education and equitable delivery of coronovirus vaccines, the company announced today. It is going to build buildings, parking lots, and open spaces – some Google facilities available as vaccination clinics to open the first sites in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kirkland, Washington, and New York City, and create a national vaccine Expand level is more widely available.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, says in a blog post that the company will give $ 100 million in advertising grants to the CDC Foundation, the World Health Organization, and other nonprofits. It also plans to invest $ 50 million in partnerships with public health agencies to help disqualified communities learn about vaccines.

“Our efforts will focus too much on equal access to vaccines,” writes Pichai. “Initial data from the US suggests that populations are adversely affected, particularly people of color and people from rural communities, like other groups, are not able to access the vaccine.”

Google had already given $ 5 million in grants to organizations such as the Satcher Health Leadership Institute of Morehouse School of Medicine, which focuses on addressing racial and geographic disparities in vaccine access.

Google will also expand vaccine information panels in its search results, and will begin showing state and regional distribution information in the search so people can check when they are eligible to receive the vaccine. Google launched vaccine information panels for search in the UK last month, listing information on each vaccine. They are similar to the information panel used to share facts about COVID-19 and locations of testing centers.

The company says that searches for “vaccines around me” have increased fivefold since the beginning of the year. In the coming weeks, COVID-19 vaccination locations will be available in searches and maps for Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, with more states and countries added soon. Search results will include details about whether an appointment or referral from a doctor is required, whether there is a drive-through option, or if access is limited to specific people. Google states that it is working with, government agencies, retail pharmacies and other official sources to collect data on vaccination sites.

The initial rollout of coronovirus vaccines in the US has been slow and convoluted, as states have tried coordinated plans for appointments with little federal guidance.

“It will not be easy for millions to get vaccinated,” writes Pichai, but it is one of the most important problems of our lifetime.

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