Google has a $ 3.2 billion lawsuit over the use of children’s data in the UK

Google GOOGL of Alphabet Inc.,

More than five million British children under the age of 13 face a $ 3.2 billion lawsuit and their parents claim that YouTube regularly breaks privacy laws by tracking children online. The complaint brought to the UK High Court by researcher and privacy advocate Duncan McCann is backed by the technology advocacy group Foxweathway. It alleges that YouTube systematically breaks data rules by illegally harvesting users’ privacy rules and illegally targeting advertisements for “millions of children” in both the UK’s Data Protection Act and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. “We think it’s illegal because YouTube processes the data of every child who uses the service – including children under 13,” Foxglove said. “They benefit from this data, as they are paid by advertisers to deliver targeted advertising to their YouTube website. They do all this without obtaining explicit consent from the parents of the children.” A YouTube spokesperson declined to comment, but said the video-sharing platform is not intended for users under 13 years old.


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