Google Finally Announces Android Auto Fix for Everyone’s Favorite Music App –

Google Finally Announces Android Auto Fix for Everyone’s Favorite Music App

Google recently confirmed that it managed to fix the Spotify music bug on Android Auto, stating that users would receive it as part of an OS update.

More specifically, Spotify problems were experienced on Android Auto after the Android 11 update, with many users confirming that listening to music became quite a struggle as audio suddenly switched from the car’s speaker to the phone.

And from the look of things, problems appeared after Android 11 was installed on devices that gained the Android Auto experience, and now Google says it has prepared a fix for affected smartphones.

Thanks for all the reports. We have prepared a determination to resolve this issue. A fix should be rolled out with Android OS updates in the coming weeks. We are not able to share the timeline of the fix at this time, but when it is ready, we will make an announcement“A member of the Android Auto team said a few days ago.

Interestingly, Google Engineer linked to another thread on the Android Auto forums, where Google confirmed that it fixes audio cutting on Android 11, so the two issues are most related.

So right now, the solution for both problems is bundled with the November 2020 update for Android 11 devices. Google began rollout of this update a few weeks ago, and now more manufacturers are expected to make it for their smartphones as we speak.

One thing to note is that no such determination is available for Samsung devices, as they are still on Android 10. The South Korean device manufacturer is yet to announce the release of Android 11 for its phones, so if you have experienced similar problems with Spotify on Android Auto powered by Samsung handsets, your only option is a little more for a fix. To wait or just to discover a workaround in itself.


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